EC marking applies to single products
equipment, machines or assemblies of machinery
placed on the European and International market (on a
contractual basis) certifying compliance with all
applicable Community directives.

3p Safety is the partner able to supply an integrated
and assist manufacturers and users who
take on the role of equipment
and machinery manufacturer in every step

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Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

3p Safety can provide a complete service to
machinery manufacturers and users, supporting
designers and the technical department with the EC marking of:

  • Single Machines.
  • Machine assemblies and production lines.
  • Partly completed machinery incorporated into lines
  • Lifting accessories
  • Machinery subjected to substantial changes
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Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU

Electrical and mechanical equipment, skid and
machines intended for use in
potentially explosive atmospheres.
3p Safety provides considerable
national and international experience

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PED Directive 2014/68/EU

Vessels, pipes, pressure accessories,
accessories, containers exposed to flame and assemblies and
skids designed for pressure above 0.5
bar have to be EC

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